24 April

Bhatapara Marathon

Elite Sports Sevices Baloda Bazar

  • Bhatapara Elite Marathon 2022 will be held on 24th April
  • Registration will end on 22nd of April
  • Registered candidated will get there free tshirt
  • Candidated will also need to get there beep number from the venu before 23 April 8:00 PM

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Event Schedule

Welcome to the Elite Sports Services Schedule!

Registration will start in the website via registration link in the website. It will be open 24*7 until the last day of registration. Participants will have to upload there identity proof during the registration process. All the registered candidates will receive registration number through sms after registration.

If you did not receive an sms after registration you can contact the number below for verification.

Candidates will not be able to participate if the uploaded documents do not match the person registered.

For any info call: 7957462715


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Bhatapara elite Marathon 2022

Bhatapara Elite Marathon 2022, 13 kilometer race has been organized in our Bhatapara city on 24 April, 2022 in which all people above 12 years are cordially invited, people from all over India are being invited to this program registration of this program soon In this marathon, cash prizes will be distributed to the first, second, third and first 10 participants for men and women, in which the first prize will be given to women and men, an amount of ₹ 60000 will be given, this event keeping in mind the health of the people. With the aim of promoting fitness and fitness, Elite Sports Service is being organized by Balodabazar, all of you participants are cordially invited in Bhatapara Elite Marathon, participate in this race in maximum numbers and equip the program, this is our hope and wish. Thank you


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Event Information

Elite Marathon Bhatapara.



Ranavbhata Govt Shivlal Mehta School, Bhatapara



Elite Marathon Bhatapara will be 13 Km Long

Hotel & Restaurant


For any kind of information please feel free to contact us on +91 6268906724

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